Saturday, February 12, 2011

The walk of shameless breakfast- Sweet Almond Oat Cereal and fresh squeezed orange juice!

A typical friday night filled with drama, drinking, and texting led to an awkward Saturday morning...

BTW veganism win- after a meal of salad you get drunk pretty quickly ;) 
(Here is a good resource if you want to know if your alcohol is vegan
I am all about informative veganism- so I take every opportunity to keep people in the loop about the "food" they consume- last night my friends boyfriend was drinking Guinness so I took the liberty to inform him that what he was drinking was processed with animal products- he was grossed out- mission accomplished. So if you are not looking for a side of dead animal with your buzz I recommend you do your research and/or email the companies to find out what goes into their products.

So this morning I woke up with three surprises
One- I was wearing Jon's pajamas over my clothes :/
Two- I had a text message from Tamir asking how drunk I was (I guess texting while intoxicated is not my strong point)... to answer his question I send him a photo of my third surprise my GBF Jon sleeping with his eyes open ...oh how I love Camera phones!

I am the worst person you want to have sleep over- because I am very much a morning person. When I was younger my best friend Gianna would give me a set time when I would be allowed to wake her up and if I woke her up any earlier she would have a shit fit- and well I am not so good at keeping promises so Gianna has screamed at me at 7am on many occasions!

I promised Jon I wouldn't wake him up early so instead I took out his laptop to check my facebook and stalk my old myspace friends... but I broke his laptop so I HAD to wake him up to make it work again... and typical Jon is the biggest grouch in the morning so he yelled at me for breaking his computer but quickly forgave me because he is secretly straight and in love with me---- we "girl talked" (we are gay like that) for like 30 minutes and then Jon kicked me out of his house so he can go back to sleep.

Still wearing the outfit I wore last night I continue on to my walk of shame...
My walk of shameless breakfast full of protein, fiber and electrolytes:
-15 almonds (crushed- I put them in a plastic bag and used a mug to crush)
-1 Banana (sliced)
-1/2 cup of raw oats
-1 tsp of shredded coconut
-1/3 tsp Cinnamon
-Almond milk

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Oh and of course some fresh squeezed orange juice! I bought my citrus juicer for 8 NIS (= $2.17 USD!) Win!
I juiced only one orange and decided to do 50/50 a technique my father taught me about where you fill half the glass with water so you don't consume too much sugar.

Now on to a day of studying/procrastinating for my make up exams...

Keep it healthy,

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  1. Guinness uses Isinglass finings to brew the beer , it is unlikely that it is in the beer you are drinking, but yeah if you mind fish products in your beer you should probe stat clear.

    But it sounds like you had a fun night!

    I don't like orange juice but when I do drink it I always fill the cup mostly with water, it is better for you and tastes better I think.