Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Breakfast- Creamy Banana Parfait

My first post!
I've been meaning to start a blog on my veganism for a while...
now I am finally getting around to it :)

Firstly I need to share my typical vegan experience:
I went on a date last night with Tamir, a guy I have been seeing for a couple of weeks.  
We went to a Thai restaurant a friend of mine raved about... 
before I started searching through the menu I asked the waitress what I can get without MSG in it- she said she never gets that request and went to find out (sad that so many people don’t care/ this was a great conversation starter with Tamir now he knows the reasons he should stop eating MSG- plus he got to see a little more of my crazy!)... they only had one salad without MSG and one main dish a tofu curry coconut dish, but since I am a very picky eater (and luckily Tamir is too) we switched to a restaurant where we knew I could get a vegan burger... YUM!

I have been converting to raw since August 2010- but as many of you know 

(or will soon find out) it’s not so fun to be a raw vegan when you are chillin with friends- so instead of stress myself I eat vegan food (It’s okay not to be 100% raw.)

Okay so since I am in university I am not the most creative eater- in the mornings I firstly eat a fruit- usually an apple or banana- then I wait like an hourish for a real “breakfast” of raw oats and almond milk.
But I have been keeping a food journal for the trainer at the gym (I go to Curves- I never worked out before I started Curves and I totally recommend checking out your nearest Curves if you are a beginner) and I notice that my meals look so bleak... so I decided to whip out a recipe from Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles- a great book!
I made the Creamy Banana Parfait- basically a mix of a banana, oats, cranberries, cinnamon and almond milk- It was so Yum I decided to start blogging about it- and here we are :) I am so excited to share my journey through simple raw living with you.
xoxo- REL


  1. You are finally a part of blog land welcome!!

    I don't understand your raw veganism, as you know. But I love bananas.

    Peace and Love,

  2. RELS! this so so damn cool! and you and Tamir are so damn adorable!