Saturday, February 26, 2011

Minute-Meal Nutritious style!

Ugh I am always busy... most students let their health become their last priority when life gets hectic- but for me my schedule just means I need creative ways to keep my nutrients coming.

The other day I knew I was going to be out of the house the entire day- and I had about thirty minutes to get dressed eat breakfast and prepare my food for the day... so with the 3 minutes I saved for food prep ( takes me a while to get ready and I like to take my time while eating ;)....) I quickly made this yummy awesome vegan (not 100% raw but can be made 100% raw) goodness!!!

Then while I was sitting with my friend when she was getting an IV at the hospital I took out my pre-packed meal and my camera and took a picture of my creation for my blog- lets just say not only does she think I am the biggest loser but she was pretty embarrassed. Um still a win of my life!

So what you will need to make this awesomeness!
-Tempeh (BUY ORGANIC!!!! Tempeh is fermented soybeans for all you vegan newbies)
-Ketchup (The reason this dish isn't raw- Ketchups like my all time favorite food- actually 2nd fav because tomato sauce is number one in my life!!!! But because I am so into ketchup I will figure out a raw ketchup recipe and get back to you soon...)
-Sprouts (any kind you like- I used alfalfa. or you can use lettuce- I mix lettuce in sometimes when I am not too lazy to spend hours washing it.)
-salt, pepper, /whatever other spices you put into things.
I didn't take measurements really it is based on your taste buds- you can do wrong....

You mix all the ingredients and get this weird looking concoction- I know it looks nasty to some people (my friend refused to try it) but it really tastes awesome- it is one of my new favorite meals.
I think if you add mung bean-sprouts and cook it- it might be a yum veggie burger for non rawists- I never tried but just thought of it now- if you attempt this let me know. Also you can add spices to make it suitable for any dish- wow I love tempeh!

Stay healthy

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