Tuesday, February 15, 2011

College Survival 101: Cereal

I know I have wrote my first three posts on breakfast but there is a reason for this...
the fact of the matter is that the most important food in a college students life is cereal.

A short history lesson: The invention of cereal was one of the all time greatest accomplishments of mankind (yea this is history). It is a staple food of every college student and possibly every unmarried person in the world. Wiki says cereal was invented by vegetarians in the 19th century- VEGETARIAN WIN! 

For breakfast today I had home-made cereal. I make my own cereal because I like deciding what ingredients to include and also it is cheaper than buying a box of cereal. And YUCK most generic cereals are full of preservatives and sugar- I try to steer away from that shiz. But also I can't drain my piggy bank with pre-made granola... why spend my drinking money when I can make a big bag of cereal for less than 10 ($2.75)? Plus it lasts me over a month. It is beyond awesome because can put everything my taste buds desire in it... no more picking between strawberry pieces and almonds!

For 5  ($1.37) I buy a big bag of raw oats from the health food store... then I add anything I want! Like now my cereal has (Oats, coconut, raisins, & almonds). Last month I put (dried strawberries, Goji berries cashews, raisins and coconut). Pretty much I get creative and you can too! So go forth and make some awesome cereal! Post in the comment section any combinations you have tried that you recommend.
(Don't worry I eat lunch and dinner too... I have some great lunch and dinner posts coming up... stay tuned)

Keepin it REL (I am trying out new tag lines- just hang with me I will figure it out)


  1. Hi Rel,
    OK, so im very happy that you are extremely health conscious. However, alcohol has really damaging effects. You mentioned above
    "why spend my drinking money when I can make a big bag of cereal for less than 10 ₪ ($2.75)?" Are you not concerned about what the alcohol is doing to your body which definitely has more damaging effects then the little bit of sugar you will find in a healthy cereal. So just think about that while you are being so scrupulous about your health, as you should!!!

  2. eh getting shitfaced every now and then is harmless. let the girl have her booze

  3. I know alcohol is unhealthy Mrs. Shack :) I pretty much stick with wine and I really don't drink too often- but I need to be healthy and in college and sometimes I think it is totally healthy to let loose and have a bottle of wine. Actually studies have proven that red wine is good for your health once in a while and although it is full of toxins longevity studies show that people who drink once and a while (not hardcore ie. "getting shitfaced") live longer than people who refrain from drinking all together.

  4. no more begus burgers bar for u!

  5. I love cereal. It is one of my favorite foods. The sugary ones are not good for you, which is why I don't really eat them. But once in a while it is fine.

    As far as alcohol goes, beer and vodka - which is what most college kids drink on a night out- is extremely unhealthy. I won't mention the liver because getting shit-faced once in a while won't have that much of an effect. But it is extremely fattening, extremely. But everyone is allowed things in moderation, especially if you are eating healthy the rest of the time.

    Yes, studies show it is healthy to drink a glass of red wine with dinner.