Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sushi Night

Okay so I'm ready to throw some raw vegan awesomeness your way- raw vegan sushi...

I have been super busy studying for my make up exams... I missed three exams to go to South Africa for two weeks and party it up at my brothers wedding :) it was worth the stress I am under now- although I hate stress more than anything because it puts the body in an unnatural state of fight-or-flight- unnatural because stress was meant for survival not for meaningless busy work that society throws at me. (This is why people get sick from stress- I wrote my final research report on stress in my old college- I'll devote a post to it eventually.)

My friend Katya decided that it would be a good blog entry for me if we had a sushi night. So for our creative friday night dinner we invited friends to bring their favorite veggies and come kick it Japanese style with us...
Katya made vegan sushi and I made the incredible raw delicacy you see in the photograph!

What you need: 
-Nori Sheets (I bought mine at the local health-food store for 6 ₪= $1.65; but you can buy them at any supermarket now days.)
-A wooden sushi thing to roll it up- sorry I'm too lazy to google what it's called. UPDATE: A Bamboo Mat- Thanks Shira :)!!!
-A really sharp knife.
-Alfalfa sprouts to use instead of rice (sometimes I just cut lettuce instead of sprouts)
- Random veggies you like in you sushi: Avocado, Cucumber, Carrots, Red pepper
- Pickled Ginger (You can pickle it yourself- google it; I just bought at the store)
-Soy Sauce (Get one with out MSG, sugar, or gluten- Read ingredients you will be surprised to see all the extra shit they put into food.)

Okay so cut all you veggies really thin. 
Wet the nori with a little bit of water first so it will stick because there is no rice to make it sticky.
Then youtube how to make sushi and just use the same technique they tell you but with sprouts instead of rice!) 
I actually never googled how to roll sushi we just did it over and over until it worked.

Our final product was a success so yum! Katya spent all of dinner making fun of me (Raw vegans get a lot of beef from people- like my pun? but you just gotta get used to it) because I was just eating salad but actually I tried the vegan one and I think the raw vegan sushi was much more flavorful. Raw sushi is surprisingly a really filling meal... so please enjoy and let me know how it goes!

Back to studying...