Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The lost college grad and a Raw Vegan Meetup...

College ended for me in October when I ditched my study abroad semester in Italy to follow my lost soul into the real world- we still haven't made it quite there yet.
Instead we (my soul and I) have been traveling trying to find our place in the world. And for some strange reason I can no longer remember we have created a base in Toronto, Canada. I know no one in this country but I convinced my raw vegan hottie (RVH) to move across the world (from Israel to Canada) to join me on this journey.

We decided that since we do not know anyone in Toronto we would try to meet some like minded individuals. We joined a Raw Vegan Potluck on and after much worry about the perfect dish to bring I made my "I can't believe it's not couscous"RVH and I travelled across Downtown Toronto excited to meet some more RV's (we never met RV's other than each other before this event.).
Okay now I guess I never put much thought into how nutty one would need to be to become an RV which was probably where I went wrong in the first place. But let me warn you now- Raw Vegans are not an exciting bunch of people! They are strange- like run for your life and cover strange! One guy we met eats like 10 pounds of honey a week (he was just Raw not vegan obvs) but we were standing talking with him as he gossiped about how much of a whack the lady wearing radiation-proof clothing was (she asked everyone to turn off their cellphones and brought out a radiation detector- tips: a radiation detector is never a good thing to bring to a group gathering it is always a bummer). 
Everyone at the meetup tried to sell something- three different people tried to sell water filters (including crazy radiation lady) and people were just selling the weirdest things like classes on how to make sauerkraut (um I'm pretty sure that's what the internet is for...) but oddly enough people were buying the merchandise! 
Only three of the people in attendance were actually 100% raw but one of the gossiping grannies did confirm that one of them eats baked potatoes (Ah the travesty!) apparently this was a big deal, gosh the gossip! Did you know that some people even used non-organic ingredients and lied about it?!  

So what have I learned from this event?
1. RVs that attend meet ups are usually above 45 years old and single.
2. None of the RVs we met look healthy and they all look older than they really were.
3. To go RV (even if you're not 100%) you gotta be a bit nutty! 

Now where do I stand on raw veganism?
By default we (RVH and I) eat over 75% of our food raw (Rbreakfast, Rsnacks and Rlunch with a half Rdinner)- so technically we are raw vegans. But we are not going to go all nutty over it and we are not defining ourselves by our food. I have spent to many years of my life fighting against my food (recap: I was a 200lbs teenager) to let it define me as a person.
So I ultimately learned from the Raw Vegan Potluck meetup that what I eat doesn't define who I am- and I am no longer going to look for RV friends because the food I eat doesn't define who I am. Those RV's and I are anything but like-minded.

So if I have a good recipe even if it is not RV I will share it with you. Because a whole food is a good food cooked or raw.

Stay healthy,

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