Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Back!

What better reason to stop blogging about raw veganhood than a year of falling in deep moving in with my raw vegan hottie!
Right now he is squeezing us some fresh organic grapefruit juices, yum!

What a year- it has been my last year of college and possibly my last in Israel (next year I am studying in Italy! After that who knows where I will be...)

The Struggle:
Vegan for me is easy because I have been vegan forever but raw vegan is one tough cookie. As people we tend to get stuck doing what comes easy so most of my meals this year have been the plain old faithful salad or a plate of fruit. The struggle with staying raw bit me in the ass this year. Feeding a raw vegan guy got way expensive. He seriously eats a lot! So I did a [stupid] shortcut and started cooking him grains to fill him up so he wouldn't eat all the food in the fridge. So instead of having to go food shopping daily we went 2-3 times a week. Let's just say Eve fed Adam the apple and she was punished by gaining weight (it is hard to refuse my own cooking).

I read some pretty good advice last week- it said if there is something you want to do and need motivation tell a bunch of people you will do it so you will be forced to complete it out of sheer embarrassment of not completing it. So now here I am ready to re-health my meals. And blog my way to health.

Some resolutions I have:
1. Fix my thinning hair
2. Lose thirty pounds
3. Eat healthy and wisely
4. Exercise more
5. Live for me

Keep it healthy!

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